All FUSD classes CANCELLED beginning Thursday 4/26

April 23rd, 2018 at 3:38 PM

All classes for students who are enrolled in the Flagstaff Unified School District have been cancelled beginning Thursday, April 26th. The closure is due to the pending walkout by teachers. Officials say the closures will remain until the walkout/protest ends or enough staff return to work.

Below is a statement from FUSD:

“The Flagstaff Unified School District will close all schools beginning on Thursday, April 26 due to participation by educational staff in the statewide#RedforEd Walk-Out. Schools will remain closed until the Walk-Out ends or a level of FUSD staff return to work to guarantee safe operations of the school district. Parents will be notified when schools will reopen. Information will continue to be posted on the district website and social media. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions information distributed on Friday, April 20. Your support for FUSD and understanding during this unprecedented time are much appreciated.”

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132 thoughts on “All FUSD classes CANCELLED beginning Thursday 4/26

  1. I do see your concerns.
    Many of us who are affected by this are those who work within the education system in Arizona and ARE parents ourselves.
    Please try to see that by generalizing your view into a “one size fits all” divides our communities. I encourage you to research about this educational funding issues further.
    Our community here in Flagstaff has risen to offer help to those who are in need due to the school closures.
    Yes, many of us who are DIRECTLY involved and affected will smile, give high-fives and encourage each-other and our community to FIX our educational crisis. Who better to FIX this issue than those who teach and demonstrate problem solving everyday.
    Also, understand that those who are “para-pros”, “classified” staff, generally earn less money per hour than working for let’s say (Safeway – as a grocery bagger).
    These classified workers you speak of are people who have been chosen to provide your children with classroom support.
    I don’t see the justification to pay them less money than having a position in the customer service field.
    After all, WE are advocating for our future leaders of Arizona.

  2. If you had researched this at all you would know that breakfasts and lunch would still be provided at those schools. This is for the funding of the schools so the children can learn more effectively with better resources and to allow teacher pay to be more competitive so the better qualified teachers stay local. I agree, it’s a damn shame that learning is interrupted for this, but it’s for the good of many, not the good of one.

  3. Bravo-the children are NOT getting an education. Children who depend on the breakfasts and lunches will NOT be getting them. Homes where parents both have to work have to make other arrangements for their children probably costing them more than they can afford. If this lasts long the children-THE CHILDREN will have to MAKE UP THE LOST CLASSES possibly by going throgh summer. High School and Junior High graduates will not be able to graduate. The LEARNING process will be disrupted-any time there is a break in the learning process it takes time to get it back. The rapport these teachers had with their classes-built up over the year-not to mention with other teachers who do not agree with this (aka those who do not belong to NEA) will be lost. Any one, and I mean ANY ONE, who thinks that-IF THIS LASTS LONGER THAN A DAY-AND IT WILL-any one who thinks they can just prance back intot he class and take off where they left off is mistaken and very ignorant of the way a child’s learning process works. The cafeteria workers, the custodians, etcl, are also being laid off and LOSING THEIR PAY. I find it sad that the teachers who are complaining about not being paid enough are willing to LOSE THEIR PAY FOR THIS-when there are people who would be glad to have that pay or even half of it to support their families. So, BRAVO-the teachers I have seen supporting this are laughing, smiling, having a jolly good time WHILE THE CHILDREN AND OTHERS ARE SUFFERING-Yes, Brovo-when parents who can not afford child care have to make arrangements, when children who do not get a decent breakfast or lunch have to go without, when custodians and other work staff-who need their pay just as much-lose money because the schools are closed-BRAVO—And if it lasts as long time as it did in other states-that will mean making up classes probably in they summer-family vacations will be disrupted–BROVO to the teachers who could not find some way to deal with this AND STAY IN THE CLASSROOMS. YOU DO NOT WALK OUT ON YOUR STUDENTS-YOU DO NOT USE CHILDREN TO MAKE YOUR POINT.

  4. Pay our teachers a living wage for educating our upcoming citizens!
    So sad. Meanwhile superintendents and upper management get much more pay. To direct the BS?
    Scam is over.

  5. Thursday and Friday will use the May snow days. After that they will have to extend the school year. Graduation ceremonies will not change but Seniors and everyone else will be required to attend after ceremonies. Seniors (and anyone else) planning on college summer classes will not be able to attend. The local University’s will not change their schedules to accommodate and neither will anyone else. 😢

  6. Samantha Jones I see you are a nurse. You mean despite the fact that you get punched, kicked, get bodily fluids thrown at you, etc. you still show up to work? You’re insane! You should just schedule a walkout so you can put all you patients in danger… that’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?

  7. Clean it up. Ban hammer coming out. Telling people to shut up is a sure fire fire to get yourself removed from this page. Please be respectful of others. You have both been warned. Thanks!

  8. I sure hope you have something productive to add to the conversation then, unless you’re as fixated on making a fool of yourself as you seem…

  9. ”…and kindly refrain from berating others without provocation.”

    I’m not offended in the slightest, but you look like you’ve got a chip on your shoulder to work out. Good day! ❤️

  10. There is no “good” timing for this, but it has to be done. It’s sad, but these teachers can’t afford to go unheard any longer. It’s for the best interest of the students as much as for the teachers if not more. I suggest you take your own advice and research, and kindly refrain from berating others without provocation.

  11. They’re doing this *for* the students. Ducey already agreed to their raise, but they’re demanding that the schools get back the money that the state has stolen from them, as well

  12. Make sure after this is all over that you continue to support the teachers. Work with the teachers for a common goal. Teach your kids to be good people as the teachers teach ypur kids to be smart people. It seems as if in the last 20+ years that a gap has growing between teachers and parents.

  13. Shut up. My my mom is a teacher and she devoted her whole LIFE to educate her kids, and her pay is not good enough for the GREAT amounts of time not only her… BUT ALL TEACHERS put toward eduction their students.

  14. Yep, standing up for the kids by walking out. Great example.

    Guess they had no clue as to what the pay was before the school year began, or even what it was the first year of college.

    I agree they could make a better pay but the timing is wrong!

  15. Yes there are still 2 more snow make-up days after this Monday and Tuesday. So if the only days fusd is closed are Thursday and Friday then nothing changes for when school ends. If the schools are closed for more than Thursday or Friday then we will have to see what happens for the end of school.

  16. Amen, those “raises” weren’t even guaranteed. We’ve voted endlessly for school funds and if the legislature would stop raiding the coffers for their cronies there’d be money for the teachers AND the school resources that are needed. It’s time to stop stealing from the kids – and time we stop enabling it by voting for these thieves!

  17. Kris, if your grammar and incorrect use of “they’re” is any indication of Arizona education, it’s good they’re doing this to ensure this state is no longer ranked 49th in education in the US.

  18. Better yet oh parents have to teach their own kids. It’s not just up to teachers. We parents have a role to teach our children as well. I will happily teach my kids and be rooting them on to make a change for a better future for us all

  19. 🙌🙌🙌💯so proud that they’re taking a stand finally for our children futures and for themselves and support staff! Should’ve been done long ago

  20. I get what you’re saying but I think they’ve tried everything else. I’m concerned for students as well but I understand why this is being done as well.

  21. They can’t. Some have leave days, but others don’t and their pay will be docked. Many are living paycheck to paycheck and will be hurt by this. This is a huge sacrifice that all are making because our state has decided that education is not important.

  22. Read other comments on this post…it’s not just about their paycheck!! It’s about making schools and education in Arizona better for all our kids! They were already offered a raise and they turned it down because it didn’t do anything to help schools or students!!

  23. Teachers struggle to pay their bills for THEIR families and some of you all are worried about whether or not graduation dates are going to be pushed out a little? Or my personal favorite “oh that’s just great, kids aren’t going to get an education cuz there’s no school for a day!” So that tells me that you’ve NEVER pulled your kid out of school for a vacation or any kind of appointment because it’s important that they’re at school everyday, right? Just shhhhhhhh…..
    We finally got a generation of teachers that stand up for themselves. Y’all just lucky they ain’t protesting to get your rotten kids out of their classrooms. Be mad…

  24. I feel sorry for the kids and parents. Seniors can still graduate, but may have to go to summer school to make it legit. Parent’s have to pay babysitters. Bus drivers out of work. Their really doing a lot of harm. If their so broke, how can they go without paychecks during this?

  25. But no those crazy teachers decided to keep trying to get legislators to fund education in AZ. I think it’s been overlooked that $1 BILLION dollars in fundament was taken from all of our schools. This is not just about pay. I wish they’d do a better job of getting that out there.

  26. Reminders: Teachers don’t get paid during walk out. AND they were already offered the pay raise. They are holding out for the school funding that benefits YOUR kids. They could have taken the raise and sat the f*** down.

  27. They have 2 snow days they can use….but I believe they will be used by Thursday if they use anything more then 2 students will have to go back to school after they walk…

  28. Shelby Lee Beka Woody crazy!!! So does this throw off all the graduation dates and etc. since now they have to go to school pass when school out was supposed to be??

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