Bomb threats last week at Flagstaff and Williams High Schools

April 24th, 2022 at 5:57 PM

On Thursday 4/21/2022 at roughly 10:45 am Ponderosa High School located at 2384 N Steves Blvd in Flagstaff was evacuated due to what was described as a bomb threat. Per FLAGscanner policy (RTDNA Journalist guidelines) we opted not to post the situation on our platform at the time. The Williams Police Department has now posted on their facebook page about an identical incident that took place at the same time and date in their city. Several other Police Departments around the entire country have also posted about this over the past couple of weeks. Their press release is below.

From Williams Police Dept. At approximately 10:45am the Williams Police Department received a phone call stating that there was a suspicious red backpack, with wire’s hanging out of it at the Williams High School English room, class room number 50. The phone number from the caller was a Michigan number.

Williams Police Department Officers searched the school premises and classrooms. A room 50 does not exist at either the High School or Williams Elementary/Middle School. No suspicious packages or backpacks were discovered. The threat of a suspicious package has been deemed not credible at this time, and school is remaining in session.
All school staff are on high alert for any suspicious person(s) or items and will call the Williams Police Department if something is observed.
The Williams Police Department takes all threats seriously and would like to remind that anyone issuing a threat or hoax of a threat by any means, phone call, social media, via text message, or through e-mail—is a federal crime (threatening interstate communications). Those who post or send these threats can receive up to five years in a federal prison, or they can face state or local charges.

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