Update to yesterdays possible shooting incident near Star School

January 9th, 2022 at 12:27 PM

UPDATE 10:30 AM 1/10/2022 CCSO is reporting that this incident has been investigated and was simply people’s target shooting. FlagScanner is made up of a small team of community volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to provide the community with timely updates to situations that affect the community. We work hard to bring you information as it is happening whenever possible, and sometimes situations are not what they seem so we also make sure to update whenever possible and warranted once investigations have been completed.

The events in this situation as reported by FlagScanner were factual, reported as they happened, with discretion and urgency in an effort to help keep those in the area safe by keeping them informed. As per the information relayed on the scanner the reports were as followed: 1. Initial report was that someone may have been shot 2. Deputies feared they were being setup for an ambush. 3. A medical helicopter, Guardian Air out of Cottonwood, was dispatched to the scene. 4. 2 people were detained at gunpoint for questioning. 5. Witnesses told police the possible gunman was seen changing his clothes and running into the woods.

The outcome, as determined by CCSO was thankfully a much less serious situation than feared. We are thankful everyone is safe and for the fine work done by CCSO. We appreciate your continued support as the team at FlagScanner continues to bring the Flagstaff community news and information in an effort to keep everyone safe and informed. The original post is below.

This is a developing story. At roughly 12:10 pm today, a 911 call was placed stating at least one person was shot near the intersection of Luepp and Horn Rd near Starr School East of Doney Park. Its unknown how many victims there are at this time. The alleged shooter was last seen changing his clothes and running into the woods about a half-mile south of Starr School. He is now wearing green jacket, black hat, and blue jeans.

UPDATE 12:25 pm Dispatch saying the suspect may have left in a White 4 door small SUV. Deputies fear this may be an ambush situation and are preparing for such. A medical helicopter has also been launched.

UPDATE: 12:28 pm AVOID THE AREA. New reports coming in that there may be 2 suspects. Only pertinent updates will be posted.

UPDATE 12:35 PM Deputies just advised dispatch that they have one person detained for questioning. Still an active scene.

UPDATE 12:39 PM Second suspect is now detained and being questioned.

UPDATE 1:30 pm: Medics have been cleared from the scene. No victims have been found yet. The investigation is ongoing.

This page will auto-update and refresh with updates.

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