Flagstaff Police Release Bodycam Footage of Minutes Leading to The Fatal Shooting On May 23

May 23rd, 2016 at 8:57 AM



Below is the link to Flagstaff Police Departments Facebook page showing the body camera video of the fatal shooting. 







Flagstaff Police Department. 05-23-2016. On Monday, May 23, 2016 at approximately 07:48 hours, the Flagstaff Police Department responded to an armed suspect at 201 W. Butler inside the High Country Conference Center.

Officers discovered the suspect inside the Conference Center, and observed him to be holding a firearm in his right hand. The suspect was given commands to drop the weapon and left the Conference Center walking west along Butler Avenue towards Milton.

Several officers from the Flagstaff Police Department were called to assist, and as the officers arrived in the area they observed the suspect, carrying a weapon in his right hand and not complying after he had been ordered to drop the weapon. While walking through the parking lot of the Drury Inn, the suspect was seen turning towards the pursuing officers and raising his right hand holding the gun, pointing it at one of the officers. This action resulted in two Flagstaff Police officers, Cpl. Ben Sandoval and Officer Eric Tomperi firing at the suspect. Officer Tomperi fired once, and Cpl. Sandoval fired four times. None of these rounds struck the suspect.

The suspect then walked across South Milton Rd., with the officers approximately 20 to 30 yards behind him commanding him to stop. Officers had to navigate traffic to keep from being hit as the traffic was congested on Milton at the time.

The officers followed the suspect from approximately 20 to 30 yards, as they observed him running/ walking along Clay and then onto Florence. At one point the suspect pointed his gun at a taxi cab driver parked at the carwash located on Clay. Schools in the area were ordered on lockdown by members of the Flagstaff Police Department. The pursuing officers heard what they believed to be a round shot by the suspect in the alley area between Florence and Park.

An undercover Flagstaff Police Department officer arrived in the area in an unmarked vehicle and as he was traveling north on Park observed the suspect get into the passenger side of a vehicle driven by a victim who had just gotten into his car. Believing the suspect would either take the victim hostage or possibly fatally harm the victim, the officer decided to ram the vehicle preventing the vehicle from moving. Upon later speaking with the car jacking victim, it was discovered the suspect had pointed the gun at him and demanded to be taken to Phoenix.

When the vehicle was struck, the suspect who had been in the passenger seat exited the vehicle, walking around the car to the north side of the street. Numerous officers at the scene continued to give commands for the suspect to drop the gun, which he did not. At one point, the suspect raised the gun towards the officers and was immediately shot. The investigation reveals the suspect fired one round at this scene. Two officers were involved in the shooting resulting in the death of the suspect. They have been identified as Sgt. Collin Seay with the Flagstaff Police Department, and Officer Dillon Jenkins with the Northern Arizona University Police Department.

It was discovered shortly after the shooting that one of the officer’s rounds penetrated a residence which was behind the suspect; injuring a dog in the 300 block of Phoenix Avenue. The animal ambulance was called and the dog was taken to the vet for treatment, and is expected to recover after surgery.

The suspect has been identified as 26 year old Verl Bedonie of Tuba City.


Flagstaff Police Department. (05/23/2016). On Monday, May 23, 2016 at approximately 07:48 hours, the Flagstaff Police Department responded to an armed subject at 201 W. Butler inside the High Country Conference Center. The suspect was described as a native male with short hair wearing a jersey with the number ‘85’. The original caller also described the suspect as carrying what looked like a BB gun.

Officers attempted to contact the suspect who was noncompliant and would not drop the weapon, which was determined to be a 9mm handgun. The Officers from Flagstaff Police Department recognized a deadly threat and discharged their weapons towards the suspect. The suspect then walked away from the officers while still holding the handgun towards south Milton, crossing the street walking west on Clay towards the intersection of Florence. The Flagstaff Police Department contacted the local schools requesting a lock down.

The suspect began running north on Florence through an alley way, and fired his weapon. The suspect then attempted to car jack a citizen’s vehicle at Park Street and Phoenix Avenue.

While the citizen was still in the vehicle with the suspect, an undercover officer with Flagstaff Police Department rammed the vehicle to keep the suspect from fleeing the area. The suspect got out of the vehicle and refused to comply with officers commands to drop the weapon and gun fire was exchanged and the suspect was mortally wounded. No officers or citizens were struck by gunfire during the incident.

This incident is still under investigation and further information will be released as obtained.



ORIGINAL POST: We are diligently working to bring you the latest news surrounding reports of a deadly shooting that just occurred near the Drury Inn in Flagstaff. Stay tuned to Flagscanner for further updates. This page will auto refresh every 3 minutes.

UPDATE 9:15 A.M. Below is a rough timeline of the events that transpired according to police scanner radio transmissions.

7:50 A.M. :  NAU PD asking for Flagstaff PD to assist with reports of man with gun at High Country Conference Center on campus.

8:00 Officers spot an armed man in one of the conference rooms.

8:00 The man is described as a middle aged Native American male. He is leaving the building and not obeying police commands.

8:02 Officers are establishing a perimeter, lost visual of the suspect briefly.

8:03 FPD spots him on Milton and Butler, says he has gun.

8:04 SHOTS FIRED, Suspect and Officers are now running through traffic on Milton.

8:04 Suspect is west of clay gun in hand, schools locked down in the area.

8:07 Multiple shots fired again in an alley.

8:08 Suspect is down at Phoenix and Park, fatally wounded.

More updates coming. This page will auto refresh every 3 minutes.



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