BREAKING: Fight with SHOTS FIRED at Flagstaff Park

August 30th, 2018 at 8:37 PM

Multiple Flagstaff Police Officers are in the area of the skate park at Bushmaster Park for a large fight with shots fired. One person has possibly been shot, and the suspect ran from Officers east bound, possibly towards Village Inn. The suspect is armed and dangerous. The Suspect is described as a short Native American male with bald head. Updates will be posted here.

UPDATE 8:37 PM: Witnesses saying one of the suspects is possibly on foot in the area of Linda Vista and Loma Vista. A gun was also found at the park. Unknown severity of injuries to the  victim.

UPDATE 8:40 PM: Bald head suspect will have a bloody nose. Police have established a perimeter and street closures.

UPDATE 8:42 PM: Officers have a possible suspect detained, but are still searching for another. Further clothing description on suspect is dark shirt and shorts.

UPDATE 8:49 PM: We are now hearing that the victim claiming to have been shot may actually not have any wounds. Trying to confirm.

UPDATE 8:53 PM: Officers have a bloody male at gunpoint.

UPDATE 8:55 PM: Suspect at gunpoint has been detained.

UPDATE 8:57 PM: The suspect Officers have detained, matches the description of the bald male with broken nose. Witnesses also saying he was the shooter.

UPDATE FRIDAY 8/31 from Flagstaff Police:

FLAGSTAFF, Az (August 31, 2018)–The Flagstaff Police Department has arrested Alan French, 28 years of age, of Flagstaff and Cyril Ben, 25 years of age, of Flagstaff in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in Bushmaster Park last night.

Last night at approximately 8:28 PM, The Flagstaff Police Department responded to Bushmaster Park for a report of several shots fired in the skate park. When the officers arrived, they saw people running away from the area. Officers caught and detained four people involved in an altercation in which a firearm was used. Officers learned that the altercation started verbally between two suspects and two victims. The altercation became physical and nine shots were fired. No one was injured by gunfire during the altercation.

The firearm believed to be used in the incident has been located and secured as evidence. Officers arrested Alan French and Cyril Ben for their actions during the incident. Alan French was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, ARS13-1204A2, and one count of False Reporting to Law Enforcement ARS13-2907.01A. Cyril Ben was charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon, ARS13-2904A6, one count of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, ARS13-1204A2, and one count of Trespassing in the First Degree, ARS13-1504A2.

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108 thoughts on “BREAKING: Fight with SHOTS FIRED at Flagstaff Park

  1. Scott, I couldn’t agree more. Every city in the world has its own problems. I can say that the violent crime (stabbings/shootings) have become more of an issue over the past five years here is a clip from FPD: “police are reporting a 23 percent increase in violent crime, with aggravated assault, sexual assault and robbery seeing the biggest spikes”….. I have been going to bushmaster park for 30 years and we (Flagstaff) have spent a lot of tax dollars to make it better for our kids only to have more problems. My point is that if we continue to ignore the problems they will grow, we should take a proactive stance as a community.

  2. I’ve lived here for almost 40 years, and gangs, drunks and drugs are nothing new. Violent crime is actually down from its peak in the early ‘90s. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to make things better, but we should keep things in perspective.

  3. Because its public property and homeless people are allowed to be there. As annoying as some of them can be, you cant just tell then to leave every time they find a public place to be. Where are they gonna go otherwise?

  4. Laurie, that’s your response to this? We have lived here most of our lives and now gangs, drunks, and drugs are taking over our PARKS and you say, “so leave”. You are not only an idiot but part of the problem…

  5. It’s a really nice park but sadly people don’t respect it. It’d be a great park for families if they didn’t have to worry about encountering drunks all the time.

  6. Terrell was not home, I thought he was. But he was shot at 9 times Sarah Walker, omg I’m so grateful he is home with me..! 😇 Terrell is ok..!

  7. Same friend and I went to see all the improvements and were followed by wierds..luckily she worked out there and knew how to handle them..its ashamed it’s not patrolled more..until the problem is solved

  8. I just want to mention that these shootings happen everywhere. It’s not a stupid town full of stupid people. It is a town full of caring compassionate folk who care about what happens. This is sad any time it happens anywhere and it’s not just to call this little mountain town shit. Born and raised here and I have never had any problems. If you create an atmosphere for yourself to get in these situations then you will get into some shit. This is the world and I hope everyone realizes this. ❤️

  9. I hate going there. I really like the dog park but every time I am there alone I have drunk men cat calling me, etc. I really do avoid that park because of who hangs around there. It is sad

  10. I think an officer or the security people that patrol the parks should clear out all them drunks and have someone on duty at all times my kids and other kids walk through that park after school it’s so unsafe… my oldest was almost stabbed by another student but of course nothing was done even with an off duty officer as a witness smh…

  11. City spent a lot of tax payer $$ to improve that park too. Still hearing there is a bad element. Bummer. Hope the victim is ok & they get the perp

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