May 7th, 2018 at 10:31 PM

Flagscanner Volunteer Reporters are diligently working to bring you updates on a developing story taking place along Highway 180 near mile marker 240 (40 miles north of Flagstaff.) At around 9:30 PM Monday evening, a State Trooper was dispatched to mile marker 240 to check on a pedestrian that callers reported might be intoxicated. The Trooper located the suspect but was not heard from again. After numerous attempts from dispatch to check on the Trooper, emergency backup was sent. The first officers to arrive found the Trooper injured, and the suspect was still on scene. A medical helicopter was launched to transport the injured Trooper. We will update this story as we get more information. This page will auto refresh every 3 minutes.

UPDATE 10:44 P.M Suspect is in police custody. Trooper was airlifted to Flagstaff Medical Center. He was alert, breathing, and talking. 

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45 thoughts on “BREAKING! OFFICER DOWN near Flagstaff

  1. Brandon White
    I write it because it is real life for me and I live with the knowledge that I survived and others didn’t.

    I’m always interested in learning at any age. Please educate me.

  2. Praying for this officer’s speedy recovery!! I personally think officers should be in pairs to increase their safety. Seems like that was done years ago & I don’t recall anyone complaining it wasn’t in the budget!!!

  3. Go to kaff news on FB it’s gives details .they have been more updated ..and post more news around flag ..let’s say kaff news on Facebook is like how flagscanner used to be

  4. It’s not necessarily a budget thing. When you have such a large area to cover you can cover more of it by having each trooper in their own car. They can take more calls and be more spread out so there are troopers available to cover rural areas

  5. John Hoyt that was a singular incident that took place over 40 years ago. Officers are MUCH safer in pairs, I don’t even know why you would take the time to write that.

  6. Some think that their is safety in numbers for police officers. Not necessarily so. In 1970, California Highway Patrol already implemented two man cars. In the NEWALL MASSACRE, four Troopers were gunned down by two suspects. The troopers were in two 2 man cars.

    Before the massacre, a lone Arizona Trooper stopped the same two suspects who were armed, but they never got an opening to kill the Arizona Trooper.

  7. Seriously. Why are officers ever sent out by themselves?! I feel that they should ALWAYS be in pairs. Please don’t say that it is a budget thing ,because that would just be sad.

  8. Wonder if that’s where the ones that flew by my house on 89 and Silver Saddle we’re headed. I hope the officer recovers and the suspect is arrested with no further injuries.

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