Car vs building (Flagstaff)

February 21st, 2018 at 10:17 AM

Flagstaff Police, Fire, and Guardian medical are all on-scene at the Starbucks Coffee (1307 S. Milton Rd) for a vehicle that has crashed into the building. 3 injuries are reported so far. More information will be provided when we receive it. This post will auto update every 3 minutes.

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34 thoughts on “Car vs building (Flagstaff)

  1. I definitely don’t know the details of what happened but I could speculate. There was this huge chunk of ice in that parking spot. When I first got there I pulled into that spot and was like “nah I can’t pull in far enough” so I moved. So I imagine the lady in the Prius maybe was trying to park there and floored it over the ice, got too much traction and went into the wall?

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