CCSO Issues Phone Scam Alert

May 12th, 2017 at 9:45 AM

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating reports of telephone scams in which the scammer is using the names of known law enforcement personnel to try to legitimize his scam. The callers use different bullying techniques such claiming your have an outstanding warrant or citation or court date. They also may use scare tactics such as claiming to send an officer to your home to arrest you if you do not pay immediately. One of the names being used fraudulently is that of our Detention Commander Matt Figueroa. Remember, legitimate law enforcement will never call demanding money/payments be made through pre-paid credit cards, money wire transfers or the like. Don’t fall victim to the bullying techniques of these scammers. File a police report by contacting our Dispatch Center at (928) 774-4523, option 1. Learn more about preventing yourself from becoming a victim to these kinds of scams on our webpage:

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