Citizen Hero Award

October 8th, 2016 at 8:28 AM

The FFD and FPD gathered this evening in Flagstaff City Hall to pay tribute to the heroism demonstrated by two individuals whose quick thinking and selfless acts helped save a man’s life.

Approximately two months ago at about four o’clock in the afternoon, a 911 call reported a patient having difficulty breathing in the office portion at a business on the 5000 block of Empire Drive.  A unit from FFD and GMT were dispatched to the location and while en route, it was reported that the patient’s condition had deteriorated and CPR was now in progress.  When crews arrived on scene they found the patient lying on the floor with quality CPR in progress.  Emergency crews took over patient care and after approximately 15 minutes, 10-4-2016-citizen-herothe patient regained a pulse and was transferred to FMC.  The patient was later transferred to a critical care facility in Phoenix and has made a full recovery.

The two individuals honored yesterday were Clint Bleeker and Jessica Hallet.  When Mr. Bleeker placed the 911 call, Ms. Hallet performed flawless Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD).  EMD is a systematic algorithm that allows the dispatcher to take the information they are receiving and narrow the call down to a protocol that will provide for the best possible patient outcome.  In this case, Ms. Hallet instructed Mr. Bleeker with step by step instructions on how to initiate high quality CPR and continue it until medical professionals arrived on scene.  Thwy were both in intergral part to the chain of survival and their prompt and selfless actions in a time when tragedy had struck resulted in saving the life of a fellow citizen.

Please join the FFD and FPD in honoring the heroism of Mr. Bleeker and Ms. Hallet.

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