Cold Water Dog Rescue by Flagstaff Fire Department

March 12th, 2019 at 6:58 PM

On March 12th 2019, the Flagstaff Fire Department was dispatched to Lake Mary for a dog that was in need of rescue near the dam. Recent rain and snow melt has caused the upper Lake to flow over the top of the dam into lower Lake Mary. Yesterday, members of the Northern Arizona Animal Search and Rescue team found the dog and attempted to help it. The dog was extremely scared and would not come to them. A dog crate was set to try to lure the dog safely in so they could remove him from the back side of the dam. Water was flowing over the dam at that time but not very quickly. Today the animal rescue team came out to check on the dog. He had not gone into the dog crate and due to rain received last night and snow melt the water was flowing faster than the day before making it more dangerous to try to rescue him.

Crews from Engine 6, Engine 5 and a Battalion Chief from Flagstaff Fire responded to the rescue call. Once on scene, crew members made their way through the water and to the dog crate. Food was placed in the crate in an effort to bring the scared dog over. Once firefighters cleared the area the dog went into the crate to eat and a door closed behind him. Firefighters were then able to make their way back to the dog and transport it safely across the back side of the dam.

Ice water rescue suits were worn by fireman to avoid cold exposure and getting wet in the flowing snow melt. The dog appeared to be tired and cold but in good health and happy to be back with friendly humans. Members of the Animal rescue team took custody of the dog and were bringing him into a local Veterinarian clinic in Flagstaff for evaluation.

Please keep in mind that anytime it is cold out and there is water moving swiftly we do not encourage people to try to rescue animals or your own pets when it is risky. Lake Mary is a beautiful lake to observe when the water is flowing over the dam but please make sure both family members and pets keep a safe distance away when observing the water.

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