FFD Responds to two unique animal calls

May 17th, 2017 at 4:37 PM

City of Flagstaff Fire Station 5 has been busy the last two days helping not only members of the community, but their four legged family members as well.
On Sunday May 14th at 2115, we received a call from a female that was at the Thorpe park dog park and in great distress. She reported to the 911 dispatch center that she had secured her two large dogs in her truck and then inadvertently locked her purse inside with them. The vehicle owner tried to gain access to her truck by breaking a window and prying the driver’s door open with no luck. Her dogs were growing agitated, it was very dark and the RP was worried about the wellbeing of her dogs. E5 responded to the scene normal traffic, met with the RP and successfully gained access to the door lock of her vehicle. The RP was reunited with her two dogs and very relieved to have a positive outcome.
This morning at around 0839, we received a call for a resident that noticed a cat stuck in a tree at his home. He reported to the 911 dispatch center that the cat appeared to be there a while, was struggling, and he was having to scare ravens away that were constantly pestering the cat. E5 arrived on scene and discussed the situation with the RP. They were getting ready to leave on vacation and very concerned that the cat was near death and that is why the ravens were staying nearby. E5 deployed a 24’ extension ladder, sent a FF up the tree and successfully retrieved the cat from the tree. Once on the ground, the cat regained its composure and bounded away. The RP did not own the cat and the crew of E5 was not able to determine whom it belonged to.
Although our primary job is to provide caring and excellent service to the community, its visitors and surrounding regions, we strive to provide exceptional service in everything we do, and sometimes that includes helping our four legged customers too!

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