Firefighters respond to two separate homes struck by lightning.

July 19th, 2016 at 8:46 PM

Highlands Fire responded to 2 calls to service in a short span of time this afternoon. During the Thunderstorm that moved through the area today we responded to 2 houses that were struck by Lightning. One of the homes is in Forest Highlands and the other is in Kachina Village. Both homes received damage, with the first receiving damage when Lightning struck a nearby tree and also ended up striking the house as well. Occupants evacuated the house immediately and called 911 after smelling smoke. Inside the house our Crews found minimal damage and no active fire.

The second Lightning Strike was to a house on the 3000 block of Ancient Trail and the first unit on scene noted flames visible on the roof over the garage. The rain was heavy at the time and the fire was quickly extinguished from a hose deployed from the Engine. After climbing on to the roof Crews noted that the large accumulation of pine needles which were on the roof was what was burning. Some fire damage extended to the fascia board on the adjacent roof. No other damage was found. The home was not occupied at the time and residents are reminded to make sure their roofs and rain gutters are cleared of pine needles and debris.

No injuries were reported at either incident.

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