Flagstaff Police Officers Save Persons Life After Getting Struck By Train

January 4th, 2018 at 5:37 PM

The Flagstaff Police Department would like to take a moment to thank Officer Zanninni, Officer Rowden, and Officer Flores for their lifesaving actions on 12-30-2017 at approximately 1:40 AM as they responded to a report of a person who had been struck by a train.

Upon arrival the Officers found the person was breathing but unconscioius. They protected the individuals spine as they applied a tourniquet to the person leg which appeard to be broken and was bleeding.

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12 thoughts on “Flagstaff Police Officers Save Persons Life After Getting Struck By Train

  1. Monica your comment and inconcideration are both ignorant. Unless you know the thoughts or actions of that individual, there’s no room for assumptions and accusations backed by stupidity. It’s a horrible tragedy that idiots can’t seam to gather a little humanity when considering human life. It’s a dam shame though isn’t it, that 5 grieving families will never know why there loved ones’ lives ended with a “pedestrian vs train” in 2017. I think so. And my prayers go out for any person affected by those.
    There is a possibility that a little light could be spread as to one reason why this could possibly happen. As baffling and hard to believe as it sounds, there’s more than just 1,000 ways to die. Suicide can’t be the only possibility in every “pedestrian vs train”. I knew someone, who at 16, partied hard, blacked out, and ended up waking up the next morning right next to the train tracks. That idiot was just a kid with no recollection as to how he ended up pinned under a random metal fence with a blasting train barreling towards him. Had he passed away, as his family, i would have been upset by your judgemental statement.
    I’m thankful that whoever this person is, is alive. Maybe we should ask questions before we ass-u-me.

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