Flagstaff Police: Scam Alert

January 28th, 2019 at 3:14 PM

The Flagstaff Police Department has received complaints regarding a telephone scam. Community members have reported receiving telephone calls appearing to originate from the Coconino County Court; at which time a male, identifying himself as a process server, demands citizens contact a telephone number having a Phoenix, Arizona prefix regarding a payday loan debt. Community members are then advised they will be criminally charged if they do not settle their payday loan debt by providing credit card information. We would like to inform the community that process servers working for the Coconino County Court will not contact citizens by telephone only to refer them to someone in Phoenix. Additionally, failure to settle a payday loan debt is civil in nature and only in specific circumstances will criminal charges be pursued by law enforcement after an investigation, not by the process server. We would like to remind the community to protect personal and credit card information and ask identifying questions regarding the caller’s agency they work for, supervisor information, and any information you may confirm by calling the agency they represent. If you would like to report similar telephone calls or harassment associated with telephone calls, please contact the Flagstaff Police Department (928) 774-1414.

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