FUSD Schools To Remain CLOSED Through Tuesday

April 30th, 2018 at 4:41 PM

Notification for May 1, 2018
All Flagstaff Unified School District schools will continue to be closed on Tuesday, May 1, due to the statewide #RedforEd Walk-Out. Schools will remain closed until an end of the Walk-Out is announced or a level of FUSD staff return to maintain safe operations of the school district. Students and families will continue to be updated about the closure of FUSD schools or when schools will reopen. Information about school closures, meal programs and childcare opportunities offered in our community will continue to be posted on the district website www.fusd1.org and social media.

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31 thoughts on “FUSD Schools To Remain CLOSED Through Tuesday

  1. Mary-Ann Johnson before insulting someone don’t put out half truths because your right about extras this school district pays for employees not extra family members. Why should tax payers take care of of extra family members?

    Retirement the district matches funds and that money belongs to you the employee. Would you call that free money over time? No only taxable when you withdraw.

    Supplies I agree should be paid by the School district not Teachers unless they are buying more than what is needed.

    And get my point if you sign a contract you have a right to quit not strike. So go ahead and quit and stop trash talking because I really don’t care about the untruths but I do care about the Kids education. The teachers will not lose any money by striking and will get paid but not the support staff who don’t have yearly contracts.

    Good luck educate the public and if you want please show us the contract you might of signed.

    I agree that teachers are possibly under paid but they signed the agreement.

  2. The health insurance keeps raising the deductible, I think its $250+ per person depending on what district you work, they raised the copays, and they keep raising the employee deduction, so if a teacher has kids, she pays the deductible for herself and each person, then the copay, and while her personal deduction for her insurance is pretty cheap, it is expensive and could easily reach $300-400 per month. That is really expensive versus the wages many teachers earn. After the 11.5% retirement deduction, the insurance, pay is already knocked down by $6,000 – $11,000 per year. Then teachers also buy most of their supplies, because what is someone going to do if the school can’t afford to supply it and its part of your job?

    Seriously, do some research and stop talking trash about something you obviously do not have the facts about.

  3. Teacher/aides without personal leave days have to resume work or get doc pay. Some people chose to return to work. Also we are serving free lunch at Cromer so some were there to eat. No days have been added as of now. We have an overage of minutes that allow us to not add days yet.

  4. I agree with pay raise 100% but it’s not going to be fair to these kids..making up days..also cromer had alot of cars in parking lot..what’s going on..thought the doors would be closed..union wouldn’t allow scans in..just curious as to why the building is opened

  5. If the STUDENTS miss more then 3 more days School will be extended! Why don’t US parents strike them all for not abiding by the contracts they all signed! Ask them about the 💯 matching funds that US tax payers help pay into there Arizona Retirement Fund! Or how about the Blue Cross health insurance they don’t pay for! Comon wait until the start of a new year before screwing with our kids!

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