GTA in progress

September 11th, 2018 at 5:54 PM

Flagstaff Police are responding to the Maverick gas station on Highway 89. A caller on 911 is saying 2 Native Males are fighting with a customer and attempting to take the customers car. State Troopers and CCSO have been notified as well.

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34 thoughts on “GTA in progress

  1. Gordon Connelley thanks for clarifying! I was wondering where different laws would have changed something based on the follow up comments. You were just saying she should’ve carried, got it!

  2. Soooo knowing that I’m not against guns ( have you met me) how could concealed carry have helped when there’s already open carry? And because of how big a state…… because Texas after all is small? Just curious

  3. Gordon Connelley I think it’s important to track both the firearms themselves, their critical parts; and require training to own and use them. Not much more restrictive than what we do with drivers licenses car parts really – serial numbers etc.
    I like your comparison with the parenting class. My cousin is a certified firearms instructor instructor and I have great appreciation for the value of those classes. Even long time gun owners come away saying they have learned important information.
    The course recently added a module to talk about suicide – something or even addressing for years even though that’s a leading cause of gun deaths. That’s the kind of responsibility I like hearing about.

    I think you can see I’m generally not an all or nothing person, and I think most people who support gun legislation feel similarly. Unfortunately, in the polarized political climate, moderation doesn’t seem to work – one must over blow a point in order to take a small step forward.

  4. The opposing argument of course is that requiring licensing infringes on the 2nd. However, what about instead of licensing a certificate of firearm safety was required to purchase a firearm? Something simple that wouldn’t be too expensive and could be stored in a cloud based database. I’m sure that there would still be opposition but I agree there should at least be some type of safety training either required or strongly suggested. FMC asked my wife and I to take a free 1 hour parenting class before our 1st was born that had some eye opening and valuable lessons but the core message was ‘You are bound to get tired. Do not get frustrated and shake the baby. Put it down and walk away to collect yourself’. Why not the same for owning firearms? The certificate class could include lots of safety and security lessons. What core message would you want the gun certificate class to convey if it were applicable? Do you think a certificate over a license would be better received with the public?

  5. Gordon Connelley I am in full support of licensing of non-automatic firearms to owners who comply with reasonable regulation of duties and responsibilities and with proper regular education. (Nursing requires it, real estate requires it, massage therapists must take continuing education as well for a few examples.) It’s reasonable for gun owners to have to be licensed on a regular basis.
    We own firearms in our home for protection. We are not sports weapon users.

  6. We could debate something I guess. I’m assuming your an advocate for gun control based on your citations and the manner in which you’ve presented them. If you wish to affirm a stance based on your cited premise I’m open to a civil conversation. I’ll agree that minds won’t be changed but it’s always nice to discuss perspectives respectfully. You’ve been very respectful thus far so I have few worries of a degradation of conversation (unless people chime in).
    I’ll open it up. What restrictions, whether it be licensing, registration, mandatory training, etc. would you like to see with fire arms? What challenges would be applicable in implimenting such restrictions?

  7. Nikki Anam Cara your stat is based on percentages of mortality rates vs gross population density. You’ll notice if you look at the figures in actual numbers we are at the national average at around 350/year but that does not take into account just how large a state we are. Alot of smaller states are well above our figures.

  8. Omar De La Torre That’s right – no license, no registration and no training required. Welcome to AZ where the gun death rate is more than 3 points higher than the national average (2016 statistics).

  9. Chasity Savedra damn that’s crazy. I’m not letting Madi walk to the store by herself for awhile. I’m not even going to attempt to drive there either. That’s just crazy scary. Hope her boyfriend is ok!

  10. Ya scary. Kikis bf got followed out of flagstaff about an hour and a half . And two guys tried to stab him and take his car. Cause he has a really nice car. And I guess not to far from there another guy with a Mercedes got attacked by some guys too. IDK what’s going on. ???? This happened yesterday. He was headed towards Cali.

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