OFFICER INVOLVED ACCIDENT: Head-on Collision (I-40 WB/Flagstaff)

November 17th, 2018 at 4:18 PM

UPDATE: This collision is officer involved. At this time we still do not know what injuries have occurred. It appears a unmarked officer attempted to stop the wrong way driver by using his own patrol vehicle in the collision

4:15pm Multiple agencies are on scene of a head-on collision in the area of mile marker 194 on I-40 westbound. Initial reports that the collision is the result of a wrong-way driver.  Westbound I-40 is closed at this time.  Unknown injuries.

Photo provided by FLAGscanner follower Matt Y.

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47 thoughts on “OFFICER INVOLVED ACCIDENT: Head-on Collision (I-40 WB/Flagstaff)

  1. Alimah Mayfa Thank Yous are never enough for these men and women who go to work every day not knowing what lays in store for them. Please let him know that we have the deepest respect for him doing a job that many would never consider.

  2. Alimah Mayfa please give your husband my heartfelt gratitude. He is a hero beyond measure! May he have a speedy recovery and peace in his heart that he may have saved lives! Thank you Sir!

  3. I am beyond grateful that this officer is OK (and I sincerely hope the WW driver is as well!). I worked with him for many years, and know personally what a great guy he is, a true public servant and family man. Most people would pull over for a WW driver and think, “Thank God I made it!”, but our officers are trained to do what this guy did. Selflessly take action to minimize harm to the rest of us, whom they don’t know, at the risk of their own lives. Thank you for your heroism Alimah Mayfa’s husband! 💙

  4. Prayers for this brave officer. My daughter was killed by a wrong way driver. I never wish that pain and loss on another person. He is a true hero! God bless him!

  5. Holy crap if that officer hadn’t done that….I was on the road heading towards the accident at that the time it occurred. If that officer hadn’t been heroic, myself or other drivers could have been hit by the wrong way driver!

  6. I’m with Maddie! The officer is fine, at the hospital and being taken care of. Thank you FLAGscanner for not releasing his name yet. He should be able to have a bit of peace, and family be notified and such first.

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