Man Down #12

April 12th, 2016 at 6:36 PM

Flagstaff Fire and EMS are responding to 1201 S Plaza Way for an extremely intoxicated and passed out adult individual under a tree near the entrance.

*FLAGscanner does not usually report man down calls due to how frequent they are. However, once or twice a year we do report them to bring awareness to the community of this growing issue. Flagstaff Fire responds to an average of 12 man down calls each day. Some days they respond to as many as 30. Nearly all man down calls involve an extremely intoxicated transient adult person that is inebriated to the point of being unable to stand, or having completely lost consciousness. 
— Average cost per admission at Flagstaff Medical Center is $2,076. There are between eight and thirteen street alcoholic admissions per day. At just eight a day, that’s more than $6 million a year. One street alcoholic alone had over 40 encounters with hospital staff in one year.
— In 2010, The Guidance Center provided service to 22 people who meet the street alcoholic definition at a cost of $170,970. Since then the numbers have steadily risen.
— In 2010, Of the 106 people who fit the definition of street alcoholic, the jail logged 9,156 days those people were in custody since January 2008 at a cost of $85 a day, for a total of $778,260. Since then the numbers have steadily risen.
— in 2010, Of the 100+ street alcoholics, Adult Probation cited $88,714 in direct and indirect costs for prison and jail, investigations, pretrial reports and probation supervision
— Source: Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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