Murder Suspect Arrested in Flagstaff

August 24th, 2016 at 1:55 PM

On 8-23-16 an Investigator with the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco, CA contacted the Flagstaff Police Department and informed them that he was investigating a homicide that occurred in San Francisco on 5-24-16. The investigator identified the suspect as Sahmanntha Rundstrom, 19 years of age. He informed Cpl. Odis Brockman with the Flagstaff Police Department that he had conducted a search of Facebook and learned she may be in Flagstaff. She had posted on Facebook that her vehicle had broken down and she was stuck in Flagstaff.

Cpl. Brockman recognized the name as a person he may have contacted on 8-17-16 during a field interview who identified herself as Shauntilley Lace Rundstrom. Cpl. Brockman conducted this interview after receiving a complaint she was camping behind  the dumpsters on S. Milton Rd. He learned she was panhandling throughout the city to obtain money.

Sahmanntha Rundstrom, 19
Sahmanntha Rundstrom, 19

Cpl. Brockman reviewed his body camera footage of the initial contact with Rundstrom and obtained a still image of the person he spoke to. He provided a copy to the investigator in San Francisco who informed him it appeared to be the same person as the suspect he was seeking.

Cpl. Brockman continued to investigate and learned that several other officers with the Flagstaff Police Department had also contacted Rundstrom recently during field interviews. Each time Rundstrom provided false identification information which returned to a legitimate record of another person. Cpl. Brockman sent out an attempt to locate to other officers and law enforcement agencies in the area.

A task force was gathered to search for Ms. Rundstrom which included Flagstaff Police Department, U.S. Marshall’s Office, and Homeland Security Investigations. Ms. Rundstrom was located by this task force while camping in the wooded area near Harold Ranch Rd. in Flagstaff, AZ. Her identity was verified and she was arrested after her warrant for Homicide was confirmed. She was booked into the Coconino County Detention Facility.


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