Police Recording: Scanner audio from fatal shooting in Flagstaff

March 3rd, 2017 at 10:22 PM

The full story can be found at https://flagscanner.com/breaking-double-shooting-just-occurred-in-flagstaff/

Scanner audio below: Listener discretion is advised.



5:00 PM: Officers are dispatched to reports of a drive by shooting that occurred at the city hall, located at 211 W Aspen Ave. Suspect vehicle described as a Dark Blue Suburban with aftermarket tail lights and stickers on the windows. Caller on 911 also saying one person was shot. All on duty Officers are responding.

5:01 PM: First Officers have arrived and are told by dispatch that there is a shooting victim inside City Hall.

5:02 PM: Officers make entry into the city hall and discover everyone is fine and no shooting happened there.

5:03 PM: Officers and medics not finding any signs of a shooting at City Hall despite “numerous 911 calls coming in about it”

5:03 PM: Dispatch saying there was “confusion from the 911 call taker” and that the shooting is actually at the Recreation Center in East Flagstaff.

5:03 PM: Dispatch tells officers the Blue Suburban left eastbound on Cedar, one person is down inside the rec center, and the weapon was a small handgun.

5:04 PM: First Officers arrive, requesting medics to respond lights and sirens (Code 3)

5:05 PM: Perimeters being established around the city. CPR is in progress on at least one person inside the rec center.

5:07 PM: Officers put out an all points bulletin on the suspect vehicle. Another Officer says he ran the plates on that exact car earlier in the day and remembers the name and address of what the plates came back to.

5:07 PM: Reports of a second shooting in the 2500 block of West St. come into the 911 center. Dispatch saying its another victim from the shooting at the rec center.

5:17 PM: Multiple Officers are at the suspects residence matching the vehicle description the officer said he ran earlier.

5:19 PM: Information now coming in that suggests the vehicle the officer ran earlier might not be the same car involved, and the address they are at might not be correct. Much of the radio traffic has been moved to a channel our Volunteer Reporters do not have access to.

5:27 PM: Victim number 1 has has been pronounced deceased.

5:29 PM: Officers locate a Blue SUV matching the suspect description and perform a high risk stop. Spike strips are set up at all entrances and exits of the street the SUV is stopped at. Officers rule out the occupants as suspects.



















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