Possible murder investigation taking place in Kachina Village

February 10th, 2018 at 9:57 AM

Authorities with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office have identified the victim who was fatally shot by another man Friday in Kachina Village. The incident happened near Gambel Oak Trail Friday afternoon. First responders found 53-year-old Timothy Scott Larson laying in the roadway with serious injuries.  Crews attempted CPR and other life saving measures, but were unsuccessful. Larsen was pronounced dead a short time later. 28-year-old Collin Tarr of Kachina Village has been arrested on one count of homicide. The incident remains under investigation.

Collin Tarr of Kachina Village

On Friday afternoon at 4:38 P.M., Deputies were called to the 2300 block of Gambel Oak in Kachina Village, reference two adult males having a physical fight. While en-route, dispatchers relayed to Deputies that one of the parties involved was laying on the roadway and that a gun was seen in the roadway as well. The Dispatcher also asked the Deputy if he would like her to inquire with DPS if there were State Troopers along I-17 that might be closer, and the Deputy denied the request.

The first Deputy arrived at roughly 4:55 P.M. (approximately 16 minutes after the initial call) and found one of the males laying in the roadway bleeding extensively from the head. At 4:58 P.M. Deputies asked for medics to respond lights and siren. One person was also detained by Deputies at the same time.

At 5:01 P.M. One of the Deputies advised dispatch that CPR was being performed on one victim and another injured person had been found nearby. Around this same time, Deputies noticed a driveway leading up to a nearby residence had a blood trail leading up it. Deputies went inside and secured the scene. Homicide investigators have been called to the scene. We will update you when more information is passed along to us.

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63 thoughts on “Possible murder investigation taking place in Kachina Village

  1. Betty Benedict I lived there for 27 years I know what goes on in the hood!! And I still know as I still go visit my friend!! So please don’t tell me, I know about good family’s there in that area and know about the rif RAF too!! It’s everywhere so maybe you should grow up!!

  2. Yea brother i saw 4 sheriff’s trucks ambulance fire truck..when i drove up to my house last night…..i knew some one was dead just didnt think that would be two streets down..

  3. Anita Batey Abers the city has an only lost two officers in the line of duty in its history. 2000 and 2014. The crimes levels has only risen slightly and that comes with growth. I worked in the jail for several years back in the late 90’s and nothing has changed.

  4. Homicide detectives have been secured to the scene??? There has not been one person here the entire morning! And why the hell would deputies ignore the chance to have state troopers come in faster? They could have saved his life! What selfish, self-obsessed idiots!!!

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