UPDATE: Student charged after making threats to shoot up school on Snapchat

February 8th, 2018 at 11:53 AM

A Flagstaff middle school student will face charges after sending a Snapchat to a friend, indicating he wanted to shoot up a Flagstaff school.

On Wednesday morning, just before 11, Flagstaff Police was made aware of the treat. The threat, seen on Snapchat indicated the student would shoot up a school. During the investigation, Dispatch notified Flagstaff area schools of the threat. Initially, there was no indication which school the treat was directed towards. Shortly, Investigators learned that the student was in class at the time at Mount Elden Middle School. Police made contact with the student prior to all the schools being notified of the threat.
Several schools did go on lock-down as a precautionary measure.
The juvenile was interviewed and released to the custody of a parent. The student reportedly did not have any access to firearms. His property at the school was searched, and a K-9 also went through the campus.
Officers plan to continue to closely patrol the school.

Investigators ask that if you have any further information in reference to this investigation (P18-01789) to contact the Flagstaff Police Department at (928)774-1414 or Silent Witness at (928)774-6111.

Read the press release here: Media Release School Threats


At approximately 10:30 A.M. Flagstaff police dispatchers aired that a male juvinile was about to go to a Flagstaff school and carry out a threat. It was eventually determined that the threat was directed specifically at Mt. Elden Middle School. Authorities have the name of the suspect and have detained him. The nature of the threat is being withheld until we have received official word from authorities. Numerous Flagstaff Schools were notified and placed on “Lockout” status. During a Lockout, the perceived danger is outside of the school. School administrators move all students and activities inside and ensure the building’s perimeter is secured. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update you when more information is provided to us.

It is FLAGscanner policy to NOT publish school related incidents until we have received confirmation from authorities. A local radio station aired the situation on their facebook page 30 minutes prior to this post, so our staff determined it was better to post to our viewers rather than delay it any longer.

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35 thoughts on “UPDATE: Student charged after making threats to shoot up school on Snapchat

  1. The boy who reported it should get a reward! That had to be very very hard knowing what would happen to his friend to protect others. Thank you young man. You are an imaging example of a good person.

  2. Lol. The article hasn’t accounted for the fact that at the moment all the kids are still outside of the school. That’s where the article states the threat is. More of an update to your article.

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