Final Update to Fatal Plane Crash Near Flagstaff

August 3rd, 2016 at 3:56 PM

UPDATE 08/03/2016:

Around 9:00 pm on August 2, 2016 76 year old Homer “Mac” McClure picked up donated blood from the United Blood Services in Flagstaff, AZ. He left Pulliam Airport around 9:14 pm. Shortly thereafter, residents in Kachina Village and Forest Highlands reported hearing erratic airplane engine sounds followed by a large crash. Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, AZ DPS, Flagstaff Police, Highlands Fire, and AZ DOT responded to the scene of his crashed Twin Engine Piper Seneca approximately 5 mi southwest of the airport and approximately 50 yards east of SR89A. There were no reports or indications of a fire. The debris field of the crash is over 200 yards long; tops of trees broken off show an impact path. Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, Medical Examiners Office, the FAA, NTSB will be investigating.

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8/2/2016 10:08 P.M. The aircraft has been located and there appears to be at least 1 fatality. The aircraft was possibly carrying up to 6 passengers. State Route 89 A is being CLOSED south bound.

8/2/2016 9:55 P.M.: State Troopers have located aircraft crash debris in the area of 89A mile post 394, 4 miles south of Flagstaff.

8/2/2016 9:35 p.m.: We are receiving numerous reports from government agencies of a possible plane crash a few miles south of Flagstaff Airport. Pullium Airport Tower lost contact with the aircraft 3 miles south of the airport and 1 mile west of Interstate 17. Dozens of officials with multiple agencies are now searching for the wreckage. Kelly Canyon, Kachina Village, and other areas in that vicinity are being searched. One Deputy did confirm he heard the crash. Helicopters have also been dispatched.

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