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It is ILLEGAL to involve yourself in any of the incidents heard through this page. There are Laws & Restrictions that apply to civilians following police, fire, or ambulance dispatched calls. If you do so, you can be fined and/or jailed.

What you are listening to is live audio being streamed from 5 separate scanners located in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is privileged information we share with our community so that you can hear action as it happens. Hopefully, this will also provide some insight as to the amount of heroic and selfless work that our fine men and women in uniform provide to the people of Northern Arizona. These men and women put their lives on the line every day for us. Thank a Police Officer, EMS, or Firefighter the next time you see them.

If you hear anything interesting, send us a news tip by clicking here, calling our hotline at 928-637-6112, or by email at breakingnews@flagscanner.com

 Flagstaff Police Department (Only available to our Volunteer Reporters)

Click link above to access the feed. Contact chad@flagscanner.com if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Reporter for FLAGscanner

Flagstaff & Surrounding Areas Fire/ EMS

Coconino County Sheriff

Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) Northern AZ D2,D3,D1

Radio Codes

10-1: Poor reception 10-38 M: Misdemeanor 211: Robbery
10-2: Loud & Clear 10-42: Home 302: Alarm
10-4: Ok 10-45: Meet 379: Intoxicated
10-6: Busy 10-70: Prepare to copy 459: Alarm
10-7: Off duty 10-83: Are you ok? 692: Drunk driver
10-8: In service 10-97: Arrived on scene 693: Aggressive driver
10-9: Repeat Code 1: Not urgent 926: Tow truck
10-15: Arrest Code 2: Urgent no siren 961: Accident non-injury
10-19: En route to stn. Code 3: Lights & Siren 962: Accident injuries
10-20: Location Code 4: Ok 963: Accident fatalities
10-21: Phone Code 5: Surveillance 964: Accident unk. inj.
10-22: Disregard Code 7: Meal break 998: Offc. inv. shooting
10-26: Tow Truck Code 11: Bathroom brk 999: Officer down
10-27: License check Code 20: Are you ok? 1391: Erratic driver
10-28: Registration chk Code 34: Disabled car P.I.: Public Intoxicant
10-29: Warrant check 97: On scene R.P.: Reporting person
10-33: Alarm 101: Female E.D: Emergency Room
10-34: Disabled car 103: Police Station Alpha: Not urgent
10-38: Warrant 103J: Jail Charlie: Urgent no siren
10-38 F: Felony wrnt. 105: Gas station Delta: Lights & Siren
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