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  • IMPORTANT:     If our feed is OFFLINE, *** DO NOT POST what you might hear on a police scanner. We may have been asked to take the feed temporarily offline for certain extreme emergencies. ****
  • DO NOT Respond to anything heard on the scanner feed or posted on this site.
  • DO NOT Post physical addresses of residences. Complete addresses are only to be used for places of business.
  • DO NOT Look-up, Contact, nor Harass any persons whose name is transmitted.
  • DO NOT record or re-transmit license plate numbers, driver licenses, addresses, or names of parties investigated by law enforcement or involved in a Fire or EMS incident.
  • For officer safety, DO NOT post unit numbers responding to calls. A simple # of officers/fire units responding is sufficient.
  • DO NOT post stakeout or DUI checkpoint information.

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Flagscanner maintains this service for the purpose of engaging and interacting with the community, providing relevant and timely community news, information and events, distribution of crime prevention and public safety tips, traffic information, recruitment of personnel, investigative requests for information, urgent notification of critical incidents which may affect residents, business owners and visitors of the Flagstaff region, and for the people having an interest in the Flagstaff region emergency services.

Our service should never be used to report a crime or suspicious activity.  To report a crime or suspicious activity, please call 9-1-1 for emergencies or (928) 774-1414 for non-emergencies. 

Flagscanner does not have traditional business hours.  Our staff and volunteers work on an as-available basis which provides coverage through most office hours and late evenings.

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