Owners of Flagstaff Chevron Seek Public’s Help in Solving Break-Ins

Photo from incident on February 21, 2024 at1am

Flagstaff, AZ – The owners of the Eastside Chevron, located at the intersection of Route 66 and Lockett in Flagstaff are urgently appealing to the community for assistance in uncovering information related to a series of break-ins and acts of vandalism that have plagued their business over the past several months. Despite repeated efforts, the Flagstaff Police Department has been unable to make significant progress due to a lack of concrete evidence.

Since the beginning of this year, the Eastside Chevron has experienced multiple incidents of unauthorized entry and property damage, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs each time. These repeated attacks have placed a substantial financial burden on the owners, who are struggling to keep their business afloat amid the ongoing disruptions.

“We’ve invested so much into this station, and it’s devastating to see it repeatedly targeted,” said one of the owners. “We’re reaching out to our community because we believe someone out there might have seen something or knows something that can help us put an end to this.”

The Flagstaff Police Department has responded promptly to each incident, but the lack of clear evidence has stymied their investigations. Security cameras have captured some footage, but it has not been sufficient to identify the perpetrators. The owners have now taken the initiative to release photos and videos in hopes that the public might provide the critical leads needed to solve these crimes.

“The break-ins have not only caused financial loss but also disrupted our operations and impacted our employees,” the owner added. “We are determined to find those responsible and bring them to justice, but we need the community’s help.”

The attached photos and video clips show individuals and the damage they caused at the scene during the times of the break-ins. The owners urge anyone with information, no matter how minor it may seem, to come forward and contact the Flagstaff Police Department.

In addition to seeking the public’s help, the owners are also taking additional security measures to safeguard their property and prevent future incidents. They hope that increased vigilance and community support will lead to a swift resolution.

“We are grateful for any assistance the community can provide,” the owner said. “Together, we can ensure that our neighborhood remains safe and that small businesses like ours can continue to serve the people of Flagstaff.”

Anyone with information about the break-ins is encouraged to contact the Flagstaff Police Department’s non-emergency line (928) 774-1414 or submit tips anonymously by calling Silent Witness (928) 774-6111


Photo from an incident on June 26, 2024, at roughly 3 am.

Photo from incident on February 21, 2024 at1am
Photo from incident on February 21, 2024 at 2am


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