Coconino NF expands Flagstaff-area year-round camping/ campfire ban

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., May 1 2023 — The Coconino National Forest has expanded the boundaries of the existing year-round camping and campfire ban located adjacent to the City of Flagstaff in an attempt to lower the hazard from human-caused wildfires.

A full map of the expanded camping and campfire ban, which went into effect May 1, 2023, is available on the Coconino NF’s website.

In addition to addressing the immediate concern for future large human-caused wildfires, the expansion is part of a long-term risk reduction strategy focused on forest health and resiliency.

The change was made in response to public feedback.

“Numerous members of the community provided input that helped make this proposal better,” said Deputy Ranger Nick Mustoe. “The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive. People understand that we have reached a point where this expansion just makes sense.”

In addition to expanding the boundaries of the year-round camping and campfire ban, the Coconino NF is continuing to implement other wildfire mitigation strategies, such as fire restrictions when conditions warrant, as well as mechanical and prescribed fire treatments in areas adjacent to communities.

Forest visitors are reminded to check for and abide by existing fire restrictions prior to any excursion on any of the Coconino NF’s districts.