(Delayed) Flagstaff Schools placed on lockdown

This post was delayed per FlagScanner policy, At 9:48 AM Flagstaff Police were dispatched to Mt Elden Middle School for a 3rd party report of a student seen with a gun in his pants. Several officers immediately responded to the school to establish a plan. School officials and Officers were not immediately sure who the student was, so an investigation was started while the school was placed on lockdown as well as neighboring schools. Officers made contact with the students who made the report in the principal’s office upon arrival and began reviewing video surveillance to identify the student. A command post was set up and multiple EMS units were staged. The student was identified and an entry team was formed to take him into custody. At 10:23 AM, the student was taken into police custody. No weapon was found on the student upon being detained, but Officers are retracing his movements and making sure he did not leave it somewhere else.  No further information will be provided until Flagstaff Police release a statement.

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