Flagstaff Police Department Dispatch Center to launch Automated Messaging and Feedback Collection Program

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.- On June 11, 2024, the Flagstaff Police Department Dispatch Center will launch the SPIDR Tech customer service program, which enhances communication with those who call requesting Police services.  After calling or using Text 911 for Police Services through the Flagstaff Police Department Dispatch Center, the SPIDR Tech program sends automated SMS and/or email messages to callers regarding updates on the Police response and the outcome of their call, including when Officers’ arrival is delayed. 

The benefits of the Program include:

-Enhanced communication for those who call or text the Flagstaff Police Department   Dispatch Center for Police Services

-Sends automated message 20 minutes after the call was received if Officer arrival is delayed.

-Notifies the caller of certain outcomes (i.e., handled with Officer response, unable to locate/gone on arrival, and Officers will be on the lookout)

-Automatically provides case number to victims for most types of cases, making it easier for victims to later follow up with FPD to share more information or to check on the status of the investigation

            -Automated messages reduce workload for busy Police Dispatch call-takers

                        -Decreases follow up calls for Police Dispatch seeking status updates

                        -Reduces the number of return calls Police Dispatch call-takers make to provide                            status updates on the response time

-Sends a survey invitation to callers to measure their satisfaction with Flagstaff Police Dispatch Center and responded Flagstaff Police Officers

            -Provides the community another way to share feedback with the Agency

            -Results will be used to measure public opinion and improve customer service

“We are excited to roll out this new technology which will make our center more efficient, provide better communication to our customers, and give us feedback on our performance”

Chief Dan Musselman”

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