As the 2023 monsoon season approaches, the City of Flagstaff would like to remind residents to review the Flood Risk Assessment Map for the Schultz Creek area produced by JE Fuller Hydrology and Geomorphology. While the impact of the Schultz Creek Detention Basins on water flows has been modeled and can be viewed here, this map should not be used to determine the height of mitigations such as sandbags. This is because the Schultz Creek Detention Basins can fill up and overflow, as we have seen this spring. Accordingly, residents should base their short-term mitigations on the October 25, 2022 Flood Risk Assessment Map, which can be viewed here.

The map models potential water flows after a rain event in which two inches of precipitation falls on the Pipeline Fire burn area in 45 minutes. The Flood Risk Assessment Map has been prepared utilizing the best available data. However, unpredictable changes may occur in the flow patterns and channels as watershed conditions constantly change due to levels of saturation, debris, sediment impacts, and other factors. These changes could impact the modeling results used to prepare the map.

No changes to temporary mitigations are recommended this year. Only outward-facing sandbags that are damaged need to be replaced. Sandbags that are not broken and are still in working order should not be replaced due to limited supply. Residents who are elderly or have a disability and need assistance with their sandbags can call the City’s service request line at 928-213-2102. Materials for self-fill sandbags and a limited supply of pre-filled sandbags are available at Thorpe Park (in the parking lot off Aztec St between Frances Short Pond and the softball fields)