ParkFlag implements new booting and towing policy in Downtown Parking District

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – The City of Flagstaff’s parking management program, ParkFlag, will implement a new booting and towing policy effective June 1. This policy is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to enhancing parking enforcement and ensuring the fair and equitable use of parking spaces in the Downtown Parking District.

The primary goal of the new booting and towing policy is to discourage repeat parking offenders and promote adherence to parking regulations, improving overall traffic flow and accessibility. Starting June 1, all citations issued by ParkFlag will be subject to a 15-day window. Within this timeframe, individuals have the option to either pay or appeal their parking citation through If, after the 15-day period no appeal is submitted or payment is not received, the citation will be entered into the Flagstaff Municipal Court system. At that time, individuals will have an additional 15 days to either pay or appeal their citation through the Flagstaff Municipal Court. If the parking citation is not paid or appealed within this timeframe, the Flagstaff Municipal Court will enter a default judgment against individuals for the fine and late penalties. After a vehicle accumulates three or more unpaid citations or judgements within the Flagstaff Municipal Court, the vehicle may be placed on an immobilization list and will be subject to booting or towing.

ParkFlag recognizes the need for efficient parking management and the City of Flagstaff is dedicated to establishing a fair and orderly parking environment that benefits everyone. Through the introduction of this new booting and towing policy, ParkFlag aims to encourage responsible parking practices among residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

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