Police looking for this man after several people fell ill after event

Attempt To Locate P2302919
Wanted for questioning
Unknown White Male
Age: 40’s-50’s
Ht: Appx. 6’ Medium to large build, has large mustache, dark hair and eyes
Last Seen wearing: dark color baseball style hat, black jacket that had large red stripe at breast pocket with white border, dark color T-shirt, dark color pants and shoes, has two backpacks with him
On 03/11/23 the Coconino High School’s JROTC program had a ball held at 1175 W Route 66, the Double Tree Resort starting around 17:30 hours. The male pictured above arrived at approximately 18:29 hours and was watched on video surveillance after the incident, wondering around the motel suspiciously, going around the conference center checking conference room doors and conference rooms, and going up and down in the elevator near the lobby.
A little before 20:30 hours, the male entered the banquet room where the ball was being held. After a few short minutes he was confronted by a chaperone. The Male only gave the name Sgt. Major Travis Palmer” before he signaled that he needed to take a phone call and then quickly left the property out the south doors.
About 20-30 minutes after this, several JROTC members (approx. 6 females and one male) started to feel ill, were vomiting, experiencing nausea and dizziness and thought their drinks had been spiked. Several affected went to Flagstaff Medical Center for medical treatment.
Contact Detective Forsman at 928-679-4071 with any questions.
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