PRESS Release – Evacuation zones created for the City of Flagstaff

Evacuation zones created for the City of Flagstaff


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – The City of Flagstaff and its partners announce the creation of all-hazard evacuation zones within the Flagstaff City limits. These zones group each location in the city into easily recognizable areas to aid in messaging and communication during emergencies. The zones build upon the existing “Ready, Set, Go!” program and were developed with area partners including the Flagstaff Fire Department, Flagstaff Police Department, Coconino County Emergency Management, City of Flagstaff Emergency Management, and Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

Flagstaff residents can learn their assigned zone by visiting and entering their address. Residents are also encouraged to identify the zone of their workplaces and loved ones’ schools and workplaces.

“The City of Flagstaff is constantly analyzing its levels of community resilience, and preparedness is the first step in that process. Having these evacuation zones in place lays the groundwork for safe and efficient evacuation of neighborhoods in the event of an emergency” said City Emergency Manager Daniel Kelly.

In addition to identifying the zone of their home, workplace, and schools and workplaces of their loved ones, residents are also encouraged to sign up to receive emergency notifications by visiting

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