PRESS RELEASE: Flagstaff partners with APS to power city operations with 100% renewable electricity

The City of Flagstaff is partnering with Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) to power city operations with 100% carbon-free electricity. The City is the first enrolled participant in APS’s newly launched Green Power Partners (GPP) program, which helps APS business customers accelerate their own sustainability goals and make a positive impact on the environment through renewable energy options. As a participant of GPP, the City of Flagstaff will make important progress to become carbon neutral and be ahead of schedule to meet its 2025 goal to use 100% renewable electricity for municipal operations.
“Our new partnership with APS is a testament to the City’s commitment to climate action and APS’s commitment to clean energy. We’re very excited that in securing 100% clean electricity for municipal operations, this partnership will allow Flagstaff to achieve one of the major milestones in our Carbon Neutrality Plan two years ahead of schedule,” says Mayor Paul Deasy.
“This program offers business customers a new way to make sustainable environmental impacts and is an important step on our path to serving Arizona with 100% clean, carbon-free energy by 2050,” said Jeff Guldner, APS CEO. “We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Flagstaff and a track record of working with local leaders to create more access to solar power and electric vehicle charging stations. We’re excited to build on this work and enroll the city in Green Power Partners to help power city buildings with clean electricity.”
In 2021, following a community call for accelerated climate action, the Flagstaff City Council adopted a goal to achieve community-wide carbon neutrality by 2030. The City’s Carbon Neutrality Plan sets a bold path for leadership, innovation, and community resilience against the backdrop of rapidly changing climatic conditions. Participation in the GPP program will reduce Flagstaff’s total municipal emissions by nearly 50 percent and completely decarbonize its power supply.

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