Schultz Creek culvert blocked – potential for flooding

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – The City has recently learned that the Schultz Creek culvert that runs underneath Highway 180 is damaged and partially blocked. The impact of this blockage is unknown but could lead to higher levels of runoff entering downstream neighborhoods. This culvert is owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The City has been in contact with ADOT to make them aware of the blockage and ADOT is formulating a plan to address the issue. Predicted warm temperatures in the coming days will create the potential for rapid snowmelt in the Rio de Flag watershed draining from the San Francisco Peaks, raising the risk of flooding in the Coconino Estates neighborhood. Please note that the Schultz Creek Detention Basins are functioning as designed.

Additional mitigation beyond what was recommended after the Pipeline Fire is not recommended at this time. Sandbags should not be placed around property lines as this can create an adverse impact to neighboring homes. Sandbags should only be used near doors and windows of homes.

Self-fill sandbags and a limited supply of pre-made sandbags are available at the Aztec Street location (in Thorpe Park, in the parking lot by the softball fields) and at the Coconino County Health and Human Services building (2625 N King St.) for residents who feel they need mitigation. The City and the Coconino County Flood Control District are monitoring sandbag supply levels at these sites and will restock them if supplies run low. Please note that the sandbag station previously located at the Schultz Y has been closed.

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