Small Wildfire south of Garland Prairie on Friday

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., May 26, 2023 —  Firefighters with the Flagstaff Ranger District of Coconino National Forest have responded to a 1-acre wildfire approximately 16 miles west of Flagstaff and south of Garland Prairie (GPS coordinates: 35°07’10.2″N 111°57’10.4″W).

The Volunteer Fire is a lightning-caused wildfire reported on May 23, burning near Volunteer Canyon in the burn footprint of the 2021 Rafael Fire. Firefighters have confined the fire and are assessing to see if it is ideal for managing to allow the fire to fulfill its natural role and consume debris across the forest floor in a safe manner.

There are no structures threatened by the fire, and light to moderate smoke will be visible to those in Sycamore Canyon and the Garland Prairie area. Allowing the fire to move across the landscape and consume forest fuels will help restore the forest to healthier conditions and minimize the risk of severe wildfires in that area.

These types of fires do not have a planned end date, but fire personnel follow a specific process called Wildland Fire Decision Support System that helps guide and document wildfire decisions, as well as provides the information needed for decision makers to develop effective strategies and tactics in working with a wildfire.

There are currently no road or trail closures in effect, but visitors are asked to avoid the fire area.

Updates of all notable fire activity and smoke impacts will be provided via Coconino National Forest’s social media sites, to include the Forest’s Twitter and Facebook sites.

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