High speed pursuit of stolen vehicle

10:54 AM Flagstaff Police are responding to a report of a vehicle theft that just occurred. The owner is following. Route 66 eastbound passing Tacos Los Altos. The vehicle is a blue 4runner. Update: the vehicle is now eastbound on Interstate 40. DPS is responding. UPDATE: CCSO is now in a high speed pursuit of the stolen vehicle on Leupp passing Winona. Speeds are in access of 100mph. Now passing Horn Rd. Deputies think he is heading for the Reservation. Tribal.police are setting up spike strips. Update: Suspect is throwing out numerous items from the passenger window. Approaching Indian reservation now. Update: Suspect has turned onto a reservation Rd. CCSO has had to terminate the pursuit. Awaiting response from Dilcon Police. Update 11:36 am CCSO is back in pursuit of the SUV on the reservation. Still awaiting response from Dilcon PD. Update: CCSO deputies have backed off. Does not appear reservation police will be responding.

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