Press Release – Extreme snow loads creating danger of roof failure

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz – Significant snowfall and resulting snow loads have caused several roofs to collapse within the Flagstaff area. The City of Flagstaff and Coconino County are encouraging residents to check structures for signs of damage or stress. These signs can include:


  • Sagging ceiling tiles or boards, ceiling boards falling out of the ceiling grid, and/or sagging sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler heads deflecting below suspended ceilings
  • Popping, cracking, and creaking noises
  • Sagging roof members, including metal decking or plywood sheathing
  • Bowing truss bottom chords or web members
  • Doors and/or windows that can no longer be opened or closed
  • Cracked or split wood members
  • Cracks in walls or masonry
  • Severe roof leaks
  • Excessive accumulation of water at nondrainage locations on low slope roofs


More information on warning signs, as well as safe snow removal methods is provided by FEMA and can be found here. When removing snow, please keep the following in mind:


  • Removing snow can dislodge icicles. An icicle falling from a short height can still cause damage or injury.
  • When using a snow rake, be aware that roof snow can slide at any moment. Keep a safe distance away from the eave to remain outside of the sliding range.


City or County residents who see any of the signs listed above or feel they have a structural issue due to snow loads can call the City of Flagstaff/ Coconino County joint information line at 928-679-8525.

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