PRESS RELEASE: Watershed protection work continues north of Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Oct.5, 2022 — A phase II of the Flagstaff Watershed Protection project resumed operations recently in an area north of Flagstaff and will benefit forest and watershed health by thinning overgrown stands of dense pine and mixed conifer.

The Dry Lake Hills project area is located east of Forest Road (FR) 420 and north of FR 551 in the Dry Lake Hills area and will help reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and subsequent flooding to the city of Flagstaff.

Vehicular traffic is currently prohibited in the project area, but other means of entry such as hiking, biking, etc., are still permissible.

Operations will involve heavy machinery and log truck traffic along portions of Forest Road 6353, 420, and 556, and the project is expected to be ongoing through fall of 2023 with a temporary cease in all operations each year from March 1 through August 30 due to seasonal restrictions. The public should be aware of heavy machinery and falling timber in the area—a majority of which will be on or in close proximity to hiking and biking trails.

This project is being implemented by Markit! Forestry and Apache Homelands in coordination with the Coconino National Forest.